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When you choose Bemis Custom Plastics to design, engineer and produce your plastic parts, you're choosing a partner who not only has the know-how and capability to make things happen but also the desire and commitment to exceed the most demanding of expectations - Bemis' own standards.

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Think of all your ideas...

Do they ever take form? Let alone, surpass expectations? Whatever your requirements, challenges or product category, Bemis has what it takes to complete your vision and bring your ideas to life. From concept to delivery, we are able to accelerate the development cycle by drawing from cross-functional teams of experts to deliver results that consistently outperform.


The Bemis Approach

Every project that comes to Bemis starts off with one distinct advantage - our approach to providing solutions. It's a total and integrated approach that involves every aspect of our organization, and yours.

Our highly inclusive, collaborative, start-to-finish process allows us to minimize your risks and bring your project to commercialization on time, in spec and within budget. No surprise then that Bemis is able to boast a 100% success rate for more than 20 years.

Our Capabilities

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Proven Problem Solvers

Bemis Custom Plastics is about solutions - innovative, out-of-the-box solutions designed for your specific needs. We meld our expertise and technical capabilities with our understanding of your operations, your market and your customers to produce results that deliver on every measurable level. From structural integrity to design aesthetics, material usage to cost effectiveness, whatever the challenge, Bemis will meet it over and above your exacting specifications.

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